Win Norwich win

WIN, NORWICH, WIN: Today’s Evening News front page with Uri’s message to fans.norwich

WORLD famous psychic Uri Geller today urged Canary fans to unleash the energies of their mind to help Norwich to reach the play-offs.

The 54-year-old has agreed to use his mystic powers to help Norwich win tomorrow’s crucial home clash against Stockport County.

The Canaries desperately need to beat Stockport if they are to make the Division One play-offs, which could eventually see them get back into the Premiership.

With the help of the Evening News’ specially designed front cover, Geller believes the Norwich faithful could play a crucial role in spurring the team to victory.

Geller wants fans to concentrate on tonight’s front page and use their collective Mindpower to energise the City players.

In a pre-match message to Canary fans, Geller said: “I believe that we’re all connected to each other with an invisible spiritual thread through which we can transmit energy emissions and positive thinking. I want you to use your visualisation techniques. “By this, I mean visualise your team in your mind. Play a little segment on your imaginary TV screen, in your inner eye, and see yourself jumping for joy.”

Mr Geller has asked all City fans to hold the front page of the Evening News at 8pm tonight, touch the photograph of the football and look into his eyes saying: “Win Norwich, win.”

This act should be repeated at 11pm tonight when Geller himself will use his paranormal powers to help plug into the positive force created by the Norwich faithful.

On Sunday, he said all Canary fans must bring the front page to Carrow Road and during the match, touch the football again, look into his eyes and say: “Win Norwich, win.”

Geller said: “I am not a miracle worker, but I have done things of this nature before. It’s 95 per cent down to the team and the players themselves to win. There is a five per cent gap that the fans can close to bring success.”


· Saturday, 8pm: Hold up tonight’s Evening News front page, touch the picture of the football, look into Geller’s eyes and say: “Win Norwich, win.”

· Saturday, 11pm: Plug into Geller’s psychic powers by touching the photograph of the football, look into Geller’s eyes and say: “Win Norwich, win.”

· Sunday: Take the front cover to Carrow Road and during the game, touch the photograph of the football, look into Geller’s eyes and say: “Win Norwich, win.”


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