The Sunday Times

December 26, 1999

Think Positive, says Hazel Courteney : it could completely change your future.

Just five days to go to the Big M. Will the Y2K bug cause chaos? Will there be a run on the banks,and will people storm the shops and panic-buy, fearing the worst might happen at the stroke of midnight? I believe not. Our cumulative thoughts and the actions resulting from them over the past 1,000 years have created the world we live in today. And these same criteria will determine what happens in our many possible futures.

Back in 1994, 1 saw a fascinating interview with Dr Beverly Rubik, who was the director for frontier sciences at Temple University in Philadelphia, in which she stated: “Our research shows a significant relationship between what we intend in consciousness and what we experience. If our intention is not clear, the results we get will be muddled by deeper, unconscious inclinations that may even work in the opposite direction. But when we do have a clear intention for something to occur and it is not blocked by contrary subconscious thinking, or a feeling that we don’t deserve it, our thought does tend to create results we desire. A clear intention will create a reality.”

The implications for this theory are staggering. Scientists have known for 20 years that positive people with an optimistic attitude have stronger immune systems and, if they become ill, often recover more quickly. I believe that our thoughts act like a giant boomerang: what we give out is what we get back. It stands to reason that if we could all transform more of our 40,000 daily internal deliberations towards happier thoughts, both our health and the world could change.

Uri Geller recently told me that every day at 11am and 11pm GMT he says a 10-minute positive prayer for the world. As we approach the dawn of a new age, I am going to join him and invite you to do the same. If our thoughts truly create our reality, perhaps we should say with great conviction “Everything is perfect” for just a few minutes every day. And if we can truly believe this statement with all our hearts, maybe miracles will happen.

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