You only live once

The show, hosted by George Noory, fearlessly explores every aspect of the psychic, the paranormal and the plain weird.

And it simply isn’t true: many people have lived in previous existences, and some can remember their past lives in glimpses, usually under hypnosis or in dreams. I believe firmly in reincarnation, the doctrine that our spirits can pass into new bodies.
In the West, most of us are reluctant to talk about it. We have accepted alternative therapies, meditation and even the search for alien intelligence, but the past is still a forbidden country.
Not so in Russia, where newspapers are reporting detailed accounts of previous eras by people who claim they witnessed history at first hand.
Inna Makarova is a St Petersburg secretary with a degree in literature, who has had the same nightmare since she was two years old:
?I was a man in a military uniform. I was running through the woods hiding myself from some enemies. No success: the enemies captured and killed me by cutting my throat with a knife.?
She became convinced her former name was Serdov, a Bulgarian resistance fighter who had been killed by Nazis in 1943. Her quest took her to Bulgaria… where she met her husband, Vadim.


At this turning-point, her nightmares ceased, as if the memories of a past life had been to draw her to the time and place where she would find her soul-mate. And a new costume drama began in her dreams: she sees herself as the beautiful daughter of a noble family at the brink of the Russian Revolution in 1917.
In this dream, Inna knows she must flee her homeland, never to see her friends again. She gazes at the man she secretly loves, who wears a diamond brooch in the shape of a musical G clef.
When Inna told her husband Vadim of this dream, he shook with
disbelief: ?That broach is an heirloom!? he said. ?My mother keeps it safe now ? but once it belonged to my great-grandfather!?
If Mirror readers have memories of past lives, I?d love to hear them.
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