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Hello mister Uri!

my name is P, i’m 18 years old, and i’m from Greece. I deeply respect you and what you can do, and i have to say that from the first time i saw you, i knew you where the only one who could help me. I”ll be quick, and i hope this message will get to you. Since i remember my self, by the time i was a baby, many things have hapened to me. Things that others can’t understant, not even my family. As i grow up my senses grow stronger, i feel something growing inside me, something that sarounds me.. It’s like i feel all the energy that floats through the universe, through everything, living or not. Most of all, i can feel destruction right before it happens, such as earthquaqes, fires, cyclones and others.. Manytimes, i feel the pain that sorounds me. I tried to stop this sense but i can’t. So i believe that i have to learn a way, to somehow manipulate all that energy i feel, to prevent all that pain.. I only wish i could, and i strongly believe that you can help me.. Please i realy need your help.. Thank you for your time, and i pray that you will find some time to answer me..

Hello mr.Geller, my name is P,i am greek,i am 20 years old, and just now i tried to bend some spoons..for fun.Although it started as a joke, the spoons became really hot and really soft and i did bend one and broke 4 spoons and one fork..i m really freaked out..what is happening?

dear uri

i was pleasently surprised to hear that you spent a few years in cyprus when you were a is as you know a beautiful island.however i fear that the whole world ior the countries that matter are against family come from the north akanthou at the begining of the panhandle of cyprus.we cannot go back to our homes since the invasion by the turks.i find the whole situation painful and hard to bear.i am a greek cypriot born in london and whose father was in the raf during the second world war.we are having peace talks at the moment but i fear the worst.i have come back to live hear but i think cyprus is being sold out because turkey is too important to certain countries.i have seen it since the invasion turnig into muslim country because of the illigal immigrants comming through the north of cyprus.i have seen politicaly countries sadly alot from the west and europe turn against us because of the interests they have with the is so sad and hard  and painful to be savaged when we are the victim of an invasion and nearly half our population being made refugee.we have a history of thousands of years that is in danger of being irraticated.what can we do to get a just solution?something that will bring all cypriots together in a just way.i cannot believe that the powers that be are trying to turn this island into a nightmare by giving too much to turkey.i know you love this place so please pray for us and maybe just maybe your powers can help us and protect gave me a lovley warm feeling knowing that someone like you lived in a cyprus that we all loved and was not divided.thank you for speeking nicely about this island  and that you still remeber it so well,paphos troodos your paintig here your experiance here.we need friends like you uri.pray that it all turnsout to be ok.if you ever come here and are in nicosia i would like to shake your hand say thank you over a nice prevent a tragerdy.thank you for your long and prosper uri geller.

the fact that you replied to my message showed to me what a special person you are.yes you are famous the world over,yes you are a star but the fact that you replied to me about cyprus showed that you care and that you have not forgotten those years you spent here as a boy.thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart..thank you my friend four everything that you have done and doing for cyprus.with you on our side we can overcome have made me  a very happy man.i will take your advice and think positive but as you know this life can be so hard at times.i know you are a busy man so thank you again for giving me some of your made me feel so good i went straight to the kitchen and tried to bend a spoon but all i managed was to give myself  a  headache and doublevision,sorry.  you realy are special and deserve to be were you are.i do hope that one day soon all cypriots  greek and turkish cane live together in peace in a just cyprus.thank you for your time uri geller god be with you and all the very best from cyprus to you.


Hi Uri,

Congratulations about the Greek Show . I am loving it . It is sure something different and special for Greek TV.

I saw you tonight on THEMOS show OLA  and i got a  little uncomfortable from Themos reactions on your sayings. I think he was a little “making fun”  but i am sure you know better.

I wish you all the best and i wish to see you in Cyprus

Thank you very much


I see my Father’s eyes in yours, Uri…Thank you for your protection and guidance, we are blessed…your thoughts offer us clarity, my energy is returning slowly, many many Thanks for opening our world, my family, friends, sweet animals and future endeavors…long life to you, we need you and are loyal to these loving gestures, they are changing the world and making it a better place of higher Godliness. I Love you. C

From: J
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 14:09:14 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: changes in life….thank you!!!!

I finally found some words to say what your phone call meant to me.
You called me on Friday,19th June 2009….
You know I started crying and I was absolutely speechless but I still remember what you said to me.
Your voice is still in my head-like an echo a really wonderful echo.
Afterwards you sent me an email with a photo (which I still have on my computer!) and I answered…
I told you I have a phobia (social phobia…sorry,I don’t know what it means in english but I hope you understand me).
Some days after our conversation I went to my therapist and we talked about getting a job and so on. She said I have to wait for that because I first have to get some self-confidence.
I have to learn how to talk with other people without being afraid and so on.
Sir, in the past few weeks I did some things,some unbelievable things for me.
I went to the doctor WITHOUT my mother and I did some other things without having anybody around me.
The only thing I have is your “echo” in my head.
It gives me a good feeling and makes me feel a bit self-confident.
I’m so proud that you gave me a call.
I still can’t believe it. I’ll try to get a job or let’s say “training” or more education as soon as possible. My self-confidence has to grow much more and then I can do everything I want to.

I’m in very bad mood for a long time now- I don’t want to disappoint you.
I just want you to know that I’m doing my best,Sir. I’ll never forget what ou said to me.
No matter how bad I feel…your voice will always be in my head.
Hope to meet you once in my life because I want to explain how thankful I am!
You are and you’ll always be my Idol. Forever!!!!
Let me know If you are going to visit Gladbeck or a city/town near Gladbeck (Gladbeck is near Cologne -about one and a half hour by car)…If you are in this area I’ll invite you to our house. You are ALWAYS welcome. Hope to get the chance to talk to you in person someday.

I’ll read about your “Tour in 2010” in the Netherlands…it’s not too far away from Gladbeck but I don’t have the money to pay the tickets for train and the show.
My father said he could not help me to go there If your show is on friday or on another
Hmmm,maybe I could make a wish for my birthday on 3rd December….I want to meet you….maybe I could ask my father for his help to get the chance to see your show.
I don’t know.

Well,I hope there will be a chance to meet you once in my life.

You helped me so much,Sir!
I’ll never forget your words and your voice. You are one of the most important people in my life. You are an angel. Thank you so much!!!!
I love you (you know what I mean)!!!!!

I’ll never forget your phone call -unknown number on my phone but well known voice 😉

Hope you’ll read this email and I hope my english is not that bad today-I’m in bad mood,sorry.
I’m close to tears everyday but I won’t give up.
The people around me are not able to “hear” me sreaming for their ears…
Nobody listens to me but maybe I can change that.

You are my Idol and I want to be like you -very self-confident,kind and intelligent.
Thanks for changing my life for the better.
Your Power is still with me.

Greetings from Germany
your friend J

Subject: My mother S. M., sister B. Friday 14th August 2009!

Hi Uri,

I don’t know if you are going to remember me but I know I certainly shan’t forget you! WE spoke Friday 14th August 2009, 2 days ago at 12.15, about an hour after my mother died. You spoke to my sister B. and then me. I cannot thank you enough and don’t know if I’m even going to be able to explain properly exactly what your call has meant, to both my sister and I and other sister B. The whole situation with your call was totally surreal and has had a major calming influence on us. B. and I had received a call at about 10.50am to make our way to Eastbourne, the hospice where mum was. We knew what the call meant, it’s about a 20 minute journey and one can do 60 miles an hour along the stretch to Eastbourne. Every single car was going at a snail’s pace; they were doing 30-40 miles an hour. I was shouting, well screaming at them (they couldn’t hear me though!) to move, it was ridiculous, couldn’t overtake, not without possibly having an accident, you can imagine the scenario, totally frustrating. I looked at my consul clock-11.11 and just screamed ‘no no not now, please no not now!’ I knew. My sister had told me the previous day about 11.11 and although I am a believer in things, I am also aware that too much can be read into things but when I saw it I knew. Yes, B. had arrived about a minute or so before me and we had missed mum by about 10 minutes. We were shown a side room and once we had composed ourselves we were taken to see mum at about 11.45ish and it was about midday that B. told me about your message for mum but we now believe that the words were actually supposed to be for us rather than mum. B. told me that you were going to ring about midday but because you receive about 300 emails a day that you might need reminding about midday so we could not believe that at 12.15 in front of mum you rang. We assume that under these kinds of circumstances that it is not really practical or the ‘done’ thing to answer a mobile phone especially an unknown number but it was so weird as it actually seemed the most natural thing. Your call was ‘so meant to be’ and then for you to even give us your mobile number- wow how amazing! You might be wondering why I am emailing you and not telephoning but it just seems at the moment this is the most appropriate way to thank you. Your phone call has given both of us such an amazing sense of peace and calm because I can assure you that if that hadn’t have happened, we would both have been SO ANGRY at the extremely slow drivers, if it wasn’t for them we could have just about made it and to miss mum by that short period would under normal circumstances make it very difficult to accept. I cannot thank enough but thank you VERY MUCH. I know of you and have seen you on tv but don’t know a great deal about you. I know that mum thought and B. thinks a lot of you. Now, I think you are an extremely amazing, generous and VERY KIND man. We have had quite a few signs already. I won’t go into too many details about the signs at the moment as B. could very well be telling you and it is actually herself who had initiated the contact with you. I would like to know if you are ever in the East Sussex area please let me know as I would love to come and see one of your shows and if possible meet you afterwards to personally thank you. You are also welcome to come to my house and have dinner or drink or cup of tea. i know that most probably sounds crazy but I hope you understand the sentiments I am trying to express here!? Thank you VERY much once again.

Kind regards T. X

Hi Uri 🙂

Nice pic, nice day yesterday – lets hope the weather keeps up! 🙂

By the way, in this pic – and in person – you look nothing close to your
age, and when people ask me how old you are & I tell them, they’re always
astonished – the usual reaction is that people thought you were at least 10
years younger than you are, which is also what I thought before I found out
your age.

What’s the secret?? 😉


Love Kev

Uri’s story on Michael Jackson:
I would like to say thank you for sharing the footage about Michael with us.
I was a young teenager when i started listening to his music and loved it.  However over these past 20 years i didnt follow him so intensely since i was busy being a mom and bringing up my family.  However ever since his death i have been feeling so close and connected to him and it seems as though i can feel and understand him and the turmoil he went through.  Its rather strange and i cant make out what this all means.  I was wondering if you could help me on this matter.

I thank you and look forward to your reply.

L.S. – Malta

My Friend Michael Jackson:
Dear Mr Geller,

I sympathise with your evident deep sorrow that led you to make the programme that was aired last night.

When Michael Jackson, zichrono livracha, left this place, I felt that this was one of the more significant deaths in the gentile world in modern history and many of the sentiments expressed by you and interviewees in the programme you made bore that out.  It seems he was treated so badly and ultimately fatally, by those who should have known better.  I will always believe that he was greatly misunderstood and under appreciated by many others.  Thankfully he still has his fans and his true friends.  Brooke Shields testimony of their friendship (at the funeral service) was truly heartbreaking.

Bvirkat shalom.


Thank you uri:
Hi uri just like to say thank you so much for sharing this footage with us all, and giving us an inside to your friendship with michael jackson, I also want to say uri its not your fault for this bashir interview as many michael jackson fans think, i am clearing there way of thinking that its not your fault on my youtube chanel, fans are now getting to know its not your fault uri, this could have happen to any of us, I also wanted to say I won a few of your great jackets that you gave to a friend of yours on auction, he put them up on ebay and i won like 3 or 4 jackets of yours also you gave each jacket a crystal, just like to say great jackets uri thanks so much take care.

Thank you:
Less of a question and more of a thankyou for choosing to show the public the wonderful, humble and kind man that Michael Jackson truly was. I am a 16 year old musician (I do my songs at home, never had the chance for a proper recording studio 🙁 ) and have been a lifelong admirer of MJ, he was an irreplaceable person. I have a youtube account if you’re interested: although most my old songs are on my other account:

Thank you so much,

Michael Jackson:
Hi Uri I just wanted to say a big thankyou for the  programme that I saw on TV last night.. So much on TV about Michael is always negative and hurtful towards him, he has put up with this nearly all his life and also since his death. I truly beleive Michael never ever hurt any children, quite the opposite, and I have been troubled since his death as to who in the world will speak up for him now and let us see the real person, your programm did this, thankyou. I know Michael was involved with many children’s charities he even started his own world foundation for children, lots of his profit went to charity but the news never reported any of this. I think it is very important that this is bought to everyones attention, there is film footage of hosital visits etc of him and wondered if I gave you the idea of a program or show if you could make this happen somehow? Before someone else makes yet another damning programe of lies to tarnish yet further a very innocent and sensitive soul. RIP Michael.

Many thanks for reading this Uri


Re Polite Autograph Enquiry:
Dear Mr Geller,
Firstly may I say what a moving experience it was watching the documentary my friend Michael Jackson, I was deeply affected by Michael’s tragic and untimely death and I felt so moved by your story.
Over the years I have always been fascinated by your unigue gifts which you have but I saw a Uri Geller on the documentary which spoke with great passion regarding Michael which I found very sad.
Mr Geller please may I ask if you would be kind enough to send me an autographed photo if you have one and can spare the time, I would be happy to pay postal cost’s if required, thank you so much for your time and I hope that your pain since Michael passed away will ease with time .

M.J and the angels:
HI Uri  I was really impressed about your programme and your friendship with Michael Jackson and as I was sitting quietly these words came into my head.       As the angels wrap their wings around M.J healing and loving him he will be writing songs for the angels and then with the help of his angels perhaps now he will truly be able to HEAL THE WORLD. He was truly a person so full of love but was so misunderstood on this planet but in the spirit world his light will be one of the brightest

the Michael documentary:
The documentary of Michael was fantastic. Do you still have the phone that Michael held in his hands? Hope to see you some time. Love, J from Belgium

Michael Jackson:
Hello Uri
First my condolances for your friend Michael.

thank you for sharing your story my friend Michael Jackson, in the netherlands it was saturday 1 august on TV.
I am a big fan of michael it is a shock that he past away, i had once a photo with autograph of him but i am very sad because it was stolen from me.
also i have seen your shows amazing what you do.

I hope you can read my email personally.
thank you and best wishes


Dear Uri

I watched your programme last night and really felt for you.  I know what a lovely soul you are from personal experience.  I met you once and asked you to give a talk to young people connected to Slough Youth Offending Team and you came and gave your fee to a girl who had never had a holiday.  In know you care very deaply about everyone you meet and especailly Micheal your special friend.  I am very sorry for your loss and am sending you lots of love and light

I wrote to you after reading your website when I was living in the Netherlands a couple of years ago. I asked if you could possibly write an article on fear, since I suffer with anxiety. To be honest, with such a busy life I didn’t expect to get a reply.
I was pleased that you sent such a positive reply and it cheered me up enormously. In fact I managed to finally return home and have been reunited with two of my adult sons who I rarely saw since I have quite a fear of travel!

Recently, after the death of Michael Jackson I was so heartbroken as I know many people were and still are, including me.

I had no idea that you and he were close friends. Being a housewife with a wonderful husband myself and great kids we all loved Michael and his work and all have been left heartbroken. I feel similar to the way I felt when we lost Diana princess of Wales.

I wasn’t going to mail because I guess recently you have so many mails from media ect. also I know that you are always very busy.

But thought that maybe you would get my mail and hopefully if others were to mail you too to say that our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very sad time, it may help a tiny bit.

You have given so much to the world with your own work too and given many people inspiration as Michael did and I wanted to say how sad I felt for your loss and grief .

You are in my thoughts and in my prayers every day.

Kind Regards



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